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The norms against stretch film quality
Back Post date:2021.03.15

The wrapping film is mainly used for packaging of products, which is to avoid damage to the products during transportation. The winding film in the market is widely used in packaging products, but some of the winding film quality is not very good, so when choosing, users should polish their eyes. And the following are the winding film manufacturers for you to sort out about the quality of the evaluation of several indicators, hope to help you!

1、 Self viscosity of the product. Self viscosity refers to the adhesion between the winding films after contact. And this is in the process of stretching, winding, and packaging, to make the product can be tightened without loose. But self viscosity is affected by many factors. Therefore, it can be an important index to judge the quality of the winding film;

2、 The tension of the winding film. Stretching is the elastic elongation of the winding film after being stressed. If the quality of the winding film will be stretched, the length of the film will be extended, and within a certain range, will not be broken. Only with the tensile properties can better packaging;

3、 Tenacity of the winding film. Its toughness refers to the properties of the film against puncture and tear. The risk value of tear resistance must be taken horizontally. This is because tearing in this direction will loosen the product. Therefore, the better the toughness of Jinan winding film means the better its quality.