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A little know on stretch film
Back Post date:2021.02.22

It is a kind of film made of LLDPE, which has high transparency and high elongation. It is suitable for packing outside pallets and packing scattered and semi-finished goods inside factories. The film is wound around the goods to make the goods more tightly packed, so as to protect the goods and make the turnover more flexible and convenient.

When the turntable of the winding machine slows down or slips, we can open the motor cover of the turntable, loosen the connecting bolts on the mounting plate, and then adjust the tension bolts clockwise, so as to achieve the required tension.

When using the film winding machine, the goods must be placed smoothly and gently to avoid the deformation of the chassis. The goods wrapped with film must be placed within the scope of the turntable of the film winding machine, because if the goods are too large, the exceeding scope should be within 10 cm or the operation should be carried out according to the actual space of the winding machine, then the winding machine is likely to be damaged.