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Pre stretch and PE stretch common point
Back Post date:2021.01.20

Although there are many kinds of stretch films and different uses, they also have their common characteristics. After all, their basic raw materials are the same, so there is no difference in use, that is to say, there are some other differences in performance. Then we will briefly introduce what they have in common.

1. Its own adhesion: PE winding film itself is sticky, by adding adhesive additives to the surface of the stretching film, so as to moisten the surface and improve its adhesion. The adhesion thickness is related to the dust and humidity on the surface of the film. Its viscosity is first related to the type and density of the material, thickness, temperature and the use of additives.

2. Elasticity of PE winding film: under the action of tensile force, the length of tensile film can be extended and the thickness of tensile film can be reduced by increasing the strength in the mechanical drawing direction. Some tension winding devices are separately stretched and wound near the package self load, which makes the stretching times more and prevents the extrusion and necking of the load.

3. Paving: it is related to pinhole resistance and secondary tearing resistance.

4. Useful stretch (yield) is the stretch of PE winding film: the stretch film used in useful stretch can maintain other necessary properties: toughness, load integrity, etc. Its effective stretching varies from application to application. Of course, higher effective stretch and less stretch film can reduce the total packaging cost.

PE winding film in use, in fact, the purpose is the same, the effect is the same, but in use, the material may be different, so in the choice of products, we can choose the appropriate use according to different circumstances.