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Who is the trusted manufacturer of stretch film
Back Post date:2019.11.09

In our daily life, stretch wrap film is also very common, in all walks of life in the product transportation, you can see its shadow, especially in the transportation of major products, it is the most widely used stretch film. But now there are also many manufacturers of stretch wound film is processed with poor quality materials, viscosity control is not good, easy to drop glue, serious and even pollute the surface of the product.

Jiayou packaging materials Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer integrating production, sales and service. Its main products are stretch film, packaging film, winding film and other packaging materials. All products have passed the national environmental protection standards. The packer, packing belt and bubble film sold well in the consumer market. Founded in 2000, Jiayou is a professional innovator and manufacturer of a series of protective packaging and performance packaging materials, providing indispensable products and services for many consumers and industrial markets. We have been committed to developing all kinds of new packaging, providing customers with packaging solutions, combining our unique consulting and sales expertise with our scientific and innovative ideas, fully demonstrating the concept of packaging making the world a better place.

2、 Characteristics of JAYOSPK stretch wrap film

1. Strong viscosity

The stretch winding film produced by Jiayou packaging adopts PVC resin and special additives of tackifier, with its own viscosity, which can tightly wrap the surface of the wrapped goods without heat shrinkage treatment

2. Strong tensile force

The stretch winding film produced by Jiayou packaging uses high elastic raw materials to ensure that the stretch ratio of the processed film is as high as 1:5, which is twice that of the ordinary film

3. High transparency

With crystal clear raw materials and clean production technology, the stretch wound film has ultra-high transparency and brightness, which can clearly identify the wrapped items and reduce distribution errors

4. Puncture resistance

The product has high flexibility, high resilience and puncture resistance, which can effectively protect the wrapped goods from being scratched

5. It can make one side adhesive

JAYOSPK,One of the top powered stretch film manufacturers can manufacture one-sided sticky products, reduce the noise in the process of winding and stretching, reduce the dust and sand in the process of transportation and storage