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How to remain stretch film's characteristics
Back Post date:2019.11.09


 When people in the packaging business are preparing for their stock for demand, it is inevitable to face a problem, in what environment the stretch film needs to be placed, in order to maintain the quality of the winding film and not affect the future use.


First of all, the winding film needs to be placed standing, not horizontally. Winding film is mainly used for winding outer packaging, and its advantages are due to its high vertical and horizontal tensile ratio, high viscosity, good retraction force and anti penetration force, all of which are on the premise that the film is not damaged. Therefore, the winding film should be placed vertically without being squeezed or scratched, so as to maintain the original advantages of the winding film.

There is also an important factor for the storage of winding film, which is the temperature of the environment. The viscosity of the winding film is affected by temperature. It is strong at high temperature, but not very sticky at low temperature. The viscosity is greatly reduced after stretching. Therefore, it is better to store the finished film in a certain temperature range (recommended storage temperature is 15 ℃ ~ 25 ℃). During the Spring Festival, the temperature will generally decrease, so it is best to place the winding film indoors and keep the temperature at room temperature, so as not to affect the subsequent use.